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3.2.20 The tls Statement


tls {
  # Specify SSL certificate file.
  ssl-certificate-file string;
  # Specify SSL certificate key file.
  ssl-key-file file;
  # Specify trusted CAs file.
  ssl-ca-file file;
  # Set the priorities to use on the ciphers, methods, etc.
  ssl-priorities string;


The ‘tls’ statement configures TLS parameters to be used by servers. It can appear both in the global scope and in server scope. Global tls settings are applied for servers that are declared as supporting TLS encryption, but lack the ‘tls’ substatement.

Configuration: ssl-certificate-file string

Specify SSL certificate file.

Configuration: ssl-key-file file

Specify SSL certificate key file.

Configuration: ssl-ca-file file

Specify the trusted certificate authorities file.

Configuration: ssl-priorities string

Set the priorities to use on the ciphers, key exchange methods, MACs and compression methods.