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The mailutils info command displays information about GNU Mailutils compile-time configuration. In normal form its output lists a single configuration flag per line, e.g.:

 $ mailutils info

A configuration flag can consist either of a single word, indicating that a particular capability has been enabled at compile time, or of a keyword/value pair delimited by an equal sign, which indicates a particular value used by default for that feature. For example, IPV6 means that Mailutils was compiled with support for IPv6, whereas SYSCONFDIR=/etc means that the default place for configuration files is in /etc directory.

Such short output is convenient for using mailutils info in scripts to decide whether it is possible to use a given feature. To assist human users, the --verbose (-v) option is provided. It prints a short description next to each flag:

 $ mailutils info --verbose
 VERSION=2.99.98           - Version of this package
 SYSCONFDIR=/etc           - System configuration directory
 MAILSPOOLDIR=/var/mail/   - Default mail spool directory
 SCHEME=mbox               - Default mailbox type
 LOG_FACILITY=mail         - Default syslog facility
 IPV6                      - IPv6 support
 USE_LIBPAM                - PAM support
 HAVE_LIBLTDL              - a portable `dlopen' wrapper library
 WITH_GDBM                 - GNU DBM
 WITH_GNUTLS               - TLS support using GNU TLS
 WITH_GSASL                - SASL support using GNU SASL

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