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Mailutils-3 is an informal name for an ongoing effort of rewriting Mailutils, which will lead to the release of version 3.0. This rewrite mostly affects internal aspects of the project and its API and is aimed at:

  • Providing a consistent and effective interface for stream I/O.
  • Reorganizing the codebase to use streams API, thereby improving performance.
  • Rewriting the filter API to improve its performance and to allow for easy creation and chaining of filters.
  • Improving logging and debugging support.
  • Providing API for word splitting and variable substitution instead of the obsolete argcv module.
  • Rewriting client support for IMAP4, which in its current state is poorly-designed and ineffective.
  • Providing an extensive testsuite for Mailutils API as well as for the particular applications, instead of the existing testcases, which are based on DejaGNU and mostly non-portable.

Most of these goals are already achieved.


  • Version 2.99.94, released on November 6, 2011, the first alpha release of this branch.