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The iconv filter converts between two charsets. It operates the same way in both decode and encode modes. On initialization, it takes two mandatory arguments:

  • The name of the input charset
  • The name of the output charset

Optional third argument specifies what to do when an illegal character sequence is encountered in the input stream. Its possible values are:

Return failure and stop further conversion.
Copy the offending octet to the output verbatim and continue conversion from the next octet.
Print the offending octet to the output using C octal conversion and continue conversion from the next octet.

The default is copy-octal unless previously overridden by a call to mu_default_fallback_mode function.

The following example creates a iconv filter for converting from iso-8859-2 to utf-8, signalling an error on the first conversion error:

  int rc;          /* Return code */
  mu_stream_t flt; /* Filter stream */
  char *argv[] = { "iconv", "iso-8859-2", "utf-8", "none", NULL };
  rc = mu_filter_chain_create (&flt, input, MU_FILTER_ENCODE, MU_STREAM_READ, 4, argv);

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