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3.2.10 The mailer Statement


mailer {
  url url;


A mailer is a special logical entity GNU Mailutils uses for sending messages. Its internal representation is discussed in Mailer. The mailer statement configures it.

The mailer statement contains a single sub-statement:

Configuration: url str

Set the mailer URL.

GNU Mailutils supports three types of mailer URLs, described in the table below:


Send messages using SMTP protocol. See SMTP Mailboxes, for a detailed description of the URL and its parts.


Use sendmail-compatible program progname. Sendmail-compatible means that the program must support following command line options:


Do not treat ‘.’ as message terminator.

-f addr

Use addr as the sender address.


Get recipient addresses from the message.

See sendmail, for details.


A prog mailer. This is a generalization of ‘sendmail’ mailer that allows to use arbitrary external programs as mailers.

It is described in detain in prog.