2.6 movemail — Moves Mail from the User Maildrop to the Local File

The purpose of movemail, as its name implies, is to move mail from one location to another. For example, the following invocation:

movemail /var/mail/smith INBOX

moves messages from file ‘/var/mail/smith’ to file ‘INBOX’.

You will probably never have to run this program manually. It is intended as a replacement for movemail from GNU Emacs. The movemail program is run by Emacs Rmail module. See (emacs)Rmail section `Rmail' in Reading Mail with Rmail, for detailed description of Rmail interface.

Mailutils version of movemail is fully backward-compatible with its Emacs predecessor, so it should run flawlessly with older versions of Emacs. Emacs versions starting from 22.1 contain improved Rmail interface and are able to take advantage of all new features mailutils movemail provides.