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3.11.3 Using maidag with MeTA1.

MeTA1 ( communicates with the delivery agent using LMTP.

LMTP mode is enabled in maidag by the ‘lmtp yes’ statement. The socket to listen on must be specified using server statement (see Server Settings). For the purposes of this section, let’s suppose maidag will listen on a UNIX socket /var/spool/meta1/lmtpsock. Then, the following (minimal) maidag configuration will do the job:

# Start in LMTP mode.
lmtp yes;
# Run as daemon.
mode daemon;
# Switch to this group after startup.
group meta1c;
# Configure server:
server unix:///var/spool/meta1/lmtpsock {
  transcript no;

To configure MeTA1 to use this socket, add the following statement to the ‘smtpc’ section in /etc/meta1/meta1.conf: